Davenport, Iowa by Jets Like Taxis

Hey folks! Greetings from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where we’ve just landed after being on the road for three days. This is more of a Public Service Announcement than anything else, so check it out…

In case you don’t do the whole social media thing, or at least don’t follow us on our social media pages, we’re here to let you know all of that info. We’re posting pictures, info, and little blurbs every day while we’re on the road, so you can keep up with us on a regular basis and see more updates about what’s going on.

On the blog, we generally only post articles, so you could be missing out on all kinds of goodness. And who wants to miss out on all kinds of goodness? Not you!

So then, here are links to all of our social media pages. The first three are updated multiple times per day with pictures from the road, among other things. Join us where you can, and let your friends know they can join us, too.

We were going to use a mapping program as well, but most of them are a bit buggy or not very good. (Got recommendations? Let us know in the comments!) So, we’ve scrapped that for the time being.

However…if you use the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device, you can see all of our photos on a map by clicking the little pin button on our profile.

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If you have any recommendations of places we should go, people with whom we should speak for a “Fabric of America” spotlight, or you just want to get a cup of coffee or share a beer, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us directly. See you on the road!

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