We’re happy to announce the fine folks at Shawnimals as a “Fabric of America” support sponsor! Shawn, Jen, and the Shawnimals crew will be supporting us as we explore the intricacies of America for our upcoming 6,000-mile road trip.

In case you haven’t read about our tour: You can read about it here, read about sponsorships here, and support our project yourself right here.

This is an introductory post about Shawnimals. They are an official support sponsor of our journey, which wouldn’t be possible without them (and you).

You may have seen us mention Shawnimals in our “Fabric of America” post about the Resketch project on Kickstarter. Shawn is actually a longtime friend and collaborator of ours, and we’re longtime supporters of what he does over at Shawnimals and with all of his projects. He and his wife, Jen, are true innovators, artists, designers, and all-around great people.


Officially, Shawnimals is a character design studio. The company designs animated characters that become renowned plush figures, vinyl toys, and coveted icons for people of all ages. Best known for their Wee Ninja character, Shawnimals has designed and released countless lovable icons over the years.


Since Shawn and Jen started Shawnimals in 2002, it has expanded immensely and now includes “Ninjatown: Trees of Doom,” a highly addictive video game for iOS devices, as well as “Ninjatown,” a game for Nintendo DS.

Ninjatown: Trees of Doom by Shawnimals

Shawn is quite the artist, too, spending any free time he finds doing new sketches, drawings, prints, and paintings.


Plush figures are probably what they’re best-known for, still creating their limited-edition designs by hand, in their studio in Chicago, Illinois.


In addition to that, Shawn recently started the aforementioned Resketch project, which finds new uses for discarded paper by way of handmade sketchbooks.

As of this writing, the Kickstarter project isn’t even over and has already exceeded it’s initial goal three times over. Whoa!

Resketch on Kickstarter

Shawn and Jen are the type of people you just can’t help but love. Their hard work, creativity, and dedication has seen them grow exponentially since they started over ten years ago, and that passion extends to each product they produce. It also helps that they’re both extremely lovable folks who are always down to chat about anything and have a good laugh.

They are independent businesspeople who love what they do, do what they love, and bring 110% to the table every day. They perfectly define what it is to be part of the Fabric of America.

We are elated to have Shawnimals as a support sponsor for our project, and blessed to have them (and their creations!) in our life.


We look forward to spreading the joy of Shawnimals to the people of America throughout the duration of our journey. Yee-haw!

Visit Shawnimals at their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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