Karen and Rich of Enjoy Living Abroad

As you know, we only shill for those we support, or those we believe can help enrich your life. One of those people is Karen McCann. She’s an author, blogger, and expat living in Seville, Spain, with her husband Rich.

Thanks to an email from Rich, we had the pleasure of meeting them when we were living in Seville. We spent an evening chatting over tapas, countless drinks, and crazy bars, and had the ‘pleasure’ of collectively navigating conversation with an insanely drunk Danish artist.

Enjoy Living Abroad and Jets Like Taxis

We quite enjoyed our time with them, and quickly became avid fans of Karen’s work. Her blog is Enjoy Living Abroad, and she also writes books about being an expat and how to enjoy living overseas.

Rich and Karen are both longtime world travelers with many years of experience under their collective belt. We both read two of her books, and want to share the wealth as we think they’re exciting pieces of writing for anyone who loves to travel, wants to live abroad, or simply wants to read some very entertaining stories.

Karen and Rich of Enjoy Living Abroad

As of this week, 101 Ways to Enjoy Living Abroad: Essential Tips for Easing the Transition to Expat Life is available for Kindle on Amazon for a mere $0.99. You can get it at this link, or you can also get it in PDF format on Karen’s website if you sign up for her mailing list.

It’s a great guide for anyone who has moved overseas or is even thinking of moving abroad, covering the ups and downs, ins and outs of how to best live as an expat.

101 Ways to Enjoy Living Abroad by Karen McCann

Also available is her book, Dancing in the Fountain: How to Enjoy Living Abroad. You can get it here for Kindle for only $2.99. It’s also available at that link in paperback.

This book contains all sorts of stories about Karen and Rich’s life of travel and how they learned to enjoy living in the amazingly fantastic city of Seville, Spain.

Dancing in the Fountain by Karen McCann

The two of us here can vouch for both books as we immediately read them after learning about them whilst enjoying our time in Seville. Karen and Rich are wonderful people, which helps even more. Pick up the books and delight in Karen’s stories, and read her blog right here.

We also want to thank Karen and Rich for enriching our lives overall, especially as we had the good fortune of spending time with them in Seville. It was an unforgettable experience and we’ll always treasure it.

Jets Like Taxis and Enjoy Living Abroad

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Have you read either of these books? Do you read Karen’s blog? Any other thoughts? Let us know in the comments!