MP in County Wicklow, Ireland

This is a somewhat personal and congratulatory post for us, but it’s also a story of someone who’s breaking out of the 9-to-5.

Today, we are celebrating the new-found independence and the new beginning of a new path to a new, independent life. Lots of new there. A journey that has taken all kinds of personal twists and turns over the past few years, as a good friend family member of ours has worked to determine his own path, get away from The Man, and do his own thing.

MP, KNO, Swedish Jason and Ryan in Barcelona, Spain

He’s a longtime travel buddy, with whom we’ve shared invaluable experiences on multiple continents. He’s a dear friend (practically a brother), and probably the number-one person we’d love to see be able to turn his dreams into a reality when it comes to this lifestyle. He’s the guy who we want to have a lifestyle like ours so we can all travel together, or meet each other on the road, or go visit each other in far-flung lands simply because one of us is there.

And today, one giant leap has been taken.

As of right now, our great buddy MP has put in his two weeks at his day job. He’s leaving the corporate world. And he’s moving to Mexico.

MP in Buenos Aires, Argentina

We couldn’t be more excited for him. MP has actually landed a gig with another friend of ours. How wonderful! They may say that it’s all about who you know, but really, it’s all about utilizing your connections to build your own bridges. And that’s what MP did.

Come June, he’ll be off to Cancún, Mexico, to work with Tim and Cris at Marginal Boundaries on various aspects of the brand and organization.

You know Marginal Boundaries because you know we talk about them all the time. They’re also good comrades of ours and independent folks who live the lifestyle they want.

Tim and Cris of Marginal Boundaries

They’re into cultural immersion, brand-building, social marketing, copywriting, and more. Tim has written several “self-help” manifestos that are damn good reads for anyone who wants to become a global citizen, or simply forge their own independent path. The Marginal Boundaries crew does all these things and more, including the fantastic “Destination Freedom” retreats, which help all you folks who want to be like us and Tim and Cris and MP get out there and do your own thing.

MP and Tim hooked up, discussed the nature of the job and all that fun interview stuff, and in the end, MP landed the job. He has now quit his day job, sold all his goods, put in notice with his landlord, and will be out of there in two blinks of an eye.

MP in Mainz-Kastel, Germany

Not only are we thrilled for MP, but we’re thrilled for Marginal Boundaries. We think the hire is a fabulous opportunity for both Marginal Boundaries and for MP, and think they can all greatly benefit from working together.

You can visit MP here and here, and visit Marginal Boundaries here, here, here, and here. Let’s all give a huge shout of support to MP as he begins a new path on his way to independence!

Congrats, my man. We’re very happy for you and proud of you, and wish you the best. We’ll see you in Mexico!

Now it’s time to get to work, buddy!

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