Tom Bihn and Jets Like Taxis

Delightful! We are ecstatic to have the fine folks at Tom Bihn as our official luggage supplier for our “Fabric of America” tour. They are supplying us with all of our bags for our cross-country journey, and we couldn’t be happier.

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This is an introductory post about Tom Bihn. We will be reviewing the products they’ve provided us throughout our journey, which wouldn’t be possible without them (and you).

Tom Bihn

If you don’t know about Tom Bihn, let me break it down for you. See, even though the company started in 1972, you can’t know when Tom Bihn started, because Tom Bihn was born Tom Bihn and Tom Bihn has been making travel gear since he was a little mini-Tom Bihn.

This is Tom Bihn. On a mountain. Because Tom Bihn does things like that.

Tom Bihn

Tom Bihn has over 30 years of design experience, and his company really started when he began making his own gear, for his own use, way back in the day. Today, the Seattle-based company makes dozens of products at their local production facility, where all design and business takes place.


Yes indeed, Tom Bihn products are all made in the USA. As a true part of the Fabric of America, being able to oversee the design and manufacturing process every day gives the company an advantage that many just don’t have anymore now that U.S.-made products are so few and far between.

Because of their innovation and dedication to their customers, Tom Bihn has a rabid following that you would hope to see for any brand that carries itself with so much integrity. The forums, customer photos, and direct communication between company and clientele is more than enough evidence of that.

Tom Bihn by Jets Like Taxis

For all of these reasons – including the fact that we’re big fans of what they do – we freaked out with immense joy when they told us they’d come along for the ride on our “Fabric of America” tour. And since they’re going to join us, we have shifted our route a bit and will now be heading to Seattle to visit them in person before we trek down the West Coast. Yippee!

Tom Bihn by Jets Like Taxis

Below is a list of bags and accessories they provided for our adventure – you can click any image or title to read more about an item and pick one up for yourself. There’s no question that we’ll be using and abusing all of these throughout the tour – as well as reviewing them all – so stay tuned for much more!

Aeronaut with Absolute Shoulder Strap and Whistle Sternum Strap

Aeronaut by Tom Bihn

Aeronaut End Pocket Packing Cubes and Aeronaut Large Packing Cubes

Aeronaut Packing Cubes by Tom Bihn

Medium Café Bag

Medium Cafe Bag by Tom Bihn

Ristretto for iPad Bag

Ristretto for iPad Bag by Tom Bihn

Travel Tray

Travel Tray by Tom Bihn

Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer by Tom Bihn

It’s great to have bag provider for our journey, and it’s even better that it’s the amazing folks at Tom Bihn! Watch out for plenty of reviews, photos, and more fun with Tom Bihn during the course of our tour.


To learn more about Tom Bihn, the process, and the products – and of course, to kit yourself with your own Tom Bihn bags – check them out at their website, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.

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Do you carry Tom Bihn bags and accessories? If not, have you heard of them before? Any other thoughts? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!