Red Roof Inn by Jets Like Taxis

We’re happy to announce Red Roof Inn as a lodging partner for our “Fabric of America” tour! They are supplying us with 25 nights of hotel stays as we traverse the great landscape of the USA this summer.

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This is an introductory post about Red Roof Inn. We will be reviewing the properties we stay in throughout our journey, which wouldn’t be possible without them (and you).

Who hasn’t heard of Red Roof Inn? If you’re from the U.S., you certainly know of them and have probably stayed in one. As they celebrate their 40th anniversary this year, they now have nearly 400 locations across the nation.


Started by Jim Trueman in 1973, a night at the hotel back then cost a mere $8.50 per night. $8.50! Wow. Even though we’re 40 years down the road, Red Roof is still known for its economical prices at all locations from coast to coast. In fact, the chain was named number one in the economy hotel sector last year by ReviewMetrix, which is operated by MarketMetrix and TripAdvisor.

We’ve stayed at countless Red Roof properties over the years on various road trips and family vacations. We love the fact that we can always expect a clean room, safe environment, and nowadays, plenty of work space and 21st-century amenities.

Now that the chain has reached 40 years of existence, it’s taking things up a notch by renovating its hotels to its new NextGen standards.


NextGen properties include all new renovations to forward-thinking design standards, complete with plush bedding, WiFi, flat screen TVs, luxurious bathrooms, large work spaces, lounge areas, exercise facilities, and more.

We actually stayed at a NextGen property in Pittsburgh when we came back to the U.S., and we have to say…

Red Roof Inn, Monroeville, PA by Jets Like Taxis

…nice work! Even Louis got in on the action, immediately making himself at home in the new NextGen rooms…

Red Roof Inn, Monroeville, PA by Jets Like Taxis

Speaking of pets, they stay free at Red Roof, and the company even has an entire marketing campaign and Facebook page – with thousands of dedicated followers – specifically catering to its “Red Roof Luvs Pets” campaign. No wonder Louis is so comfortable up there.

Red Roof Luvs Pets by Jets Like Taxis

They had just finished room renovations the week before we stayed there, and while we like the setup of the older rooms just fine, the NextGen rooms are definitely a step up and we appreciate the new furnishings and better flow.

Considering there are two of us – plus Louis – we need the work space. The NextGen rooms provide a layout that makes it easy for both of us to have plenty of room to get work done. We also always appreciate the mini-fridges and coffee makers, as those things fuel our get-up-and-go when we’re on the road.

And jeez…those beds are comfortable! No joke, we love ’em.

Red Roof Inn, Monroeville, PA by Jets Like Taxis

As the fine folks at Red Roof Inn have partnered with us to provide 25 days of stays during our “Fabric of America” tour, we look forward to staying at more NextGen properties while we’re on our journey.

We greatly appreciate their hospitality and approach, and are excited to have them as a lodging supporter for our project. Watch for more reviews of Red Roof Inn properties and all kinds of fun photos while we’re out there!

Red Roof Inn by Jets Like Taxis

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Have you ever stayed at a Red Roof Inn? What about one of the new NextGen properties? What were your experiences? We’d love to know what’s on your mind – let us know in the comments!