Tim and Cris of Marginal Boundaries

Introducing Marginal Boundaries: A “Fabric of America” tour support sponsor. Yay! Tim and Cris are supporting us as a sponsor for our upcoming tour, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

In case you haven’t read about our tour: You can read about it here, read about sponsorships here, and support our project yourself right here.

This is an introductory post about Marginal Boundaries. They are an official support sponsor of our journey, which wouldn’t be possible without them (and you).

As you know from a zillion previous posts, we have a longtime relationship – from co-working to advice to friendship – with Tim at Marginal Boundaries. (And now Cris!) Their website is one of the first we read when we were still expats and started exploring full-time travel. Tim’s books were also some of the first I read with great intent after I found his website over a year ago.

Tim and Cris of Marginal Boundaries

Today, we’re all friends and work on various things together, spending time now and again chit-chatting about everything from expat immersion to health and wellness. Tim was actually one of the pick-your-brain reviewers of our proposal for the “Fabric of America” tour, and became the first sponsor to jump aboard our four-wheeled ship.

If you haven’t actually read Marginal Boundaries before, I highly suggest you get on that wagon. Tim spends a lot of time blogging about the pros and cons of being an expat, what life is like as an immersion traveler, brand-building through blogs and social media, copywriting, consulting, and pretty much anything else you can imagine when it comes to being a location-independent global citizen.

Marginal Boundaries

As previously noted, he also writes books – all of which we recommend:

30 Ways in 30 Days will help you gain an understanding of what you need to do to get started in this rewarding lifestyle…

30 Ways in 30 Days by T.W. Anderson

The Expat Guidebook will teach you about how to live in a foreign country…

Marginal Boundaries - The Expat Guidebook by T.W. Anderson

Beyond Borders will teach you how to build your brand, make the most of social media, and be a global citizen…

Marginal Boundaries - Beyond Borders by T.W. Anderson

And his Live Like A Local guides to Cancún, Mexico; Bogotá, Colombia; and Sofia, Bulgaria, will help you traverse those great cities like a native instead of getting stuck in tourist ruts and big-time guidebooks that only take you to places where other big-time guidebook readers go.

Cris of Marginal Boundaries

In addition to being a very passionate couple of people, Tim and Cris also run the “Destination Freedom” retreats that you’ve seen us write about. This offers an opportunity, for folks who want to strike out on their own, to get the hands-on approach locally to help build brands and become successful enough to do what you want in life.

They also offer Spanish immersion classes at the retreat, which is a great way to expand one’s horizons and take advantage of all the benefits that come with speaking a foreign language.

Destination Freedom with Marginal Boundaries

We couldn’t be happier to have some of our favorite people and allies as support sponsors for our “Fabric of America” project. As fellow global citizens, we’re excited to share our experiences here in the USA, and look forward to promoting our Marginal Boundaries and Jets Like Taxis collaborative efforts while we’re on the road.

Visit Marginal Boundaries at their website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+.

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Are you a Marginal Boundaries reader? If not, have you heard of them before? Any other thoughts? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!