Motel 6 Speedway

We’re delighted to have Motel 6 support us with some of our lodging for our “Fabric of America” tour! They have been generous to supply us with five nights of stays as we make our way across the country.

In case you haven’t read about our tour: You can read about it here, read about sponsorships here, and support our project yourself right here.

This is an introductory post about Motel 6. We will be reviewing the properties we stay in throughout our journey, which wouldn’t be possible without them (and you).

Motel 6 Speedway

Basically everyone knows the Motel 6 tagline: “We’ll leave the light on for you.” Considered one of the best advertising campaigns of all time, NPR personality Tom Bodett put the words into the entire nation’s heads when it debuted in 1986 – and it’s still going strong.


As I was fortunate enough to have been taken on countless road trips as a child, we stayed in plenty of Motel 6 properties and have always had a good experience. Nowadays, we look forward to staying at their pet-friendly establishments with Louis, and being able to get work done in a comfortable on-the-road setting.

Now with over 1,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada, Motel 6 just celebrated their 50th anniversary and are in the midst of renovating all of their properties with some crazy-nice updates.

Motel 6 Speedway

The new design, done by UK firm Priestmangoode, actually won the Best Large Hotel Design Award from Travel + Leisure in 2010.

In addition to rehabbing the Motel 6 locations, the company also recently opened a new line of extended-stay hotels called Studio 6. These properties feature full kitchens, work areas, and laundry, as well as all the great amenities available at Motel 6.

Studio 6, Orange, Texas

As we always try to stay 4-5 nights unless we’re in a rush, we love what the new properties have to offer and look forward to staying in the renovated Motel 6 rooms, as well as at the new Studio 6 locations, while we’re on our “Fabric of America” tour this summer.

We give great thanks to Motel 6 for contributing to our “Fabric of America” tour. Keep yourself posted right here as we explore the intricacies of America for our upcoming project, and visit Motel 6 and Studio 6 to see more about their properties and to book your own room while you’re on holiday this summer.

You can also see a video with details about the new properties below. See you out there!


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Have you ever stayed at a Motel 6 or Studio 6? If so, what were your experiences? What about the newly renovated properties? We’d love to know what’s on your mind – let us know in the comments!