John from
John from

And…it’s about that time. What time is that? Not sure, but I had nothing better with which to start this post. So then…we’ve been blessed with another interview opportunity, this one from the fine and dandy John Bardos at You can read the interview here.

Not only do I want to take the time to thank him for inviting us into his readers’ world, but also to thank him for being a direct catalyst to move from being expats to being location-independent travelers. I was turned on to JetSetCitizen by Fluent in 3 Months, which I read because I’m a language nerd like that. Benny at Fi3M was interviewed by John, and linked to his blog. I started reading JetSetCitizen, read almost the whole site, and then read every site in full that John has in his blogroll.

Clearly, I was fascinated by the location-independent, minimalist mindset. And what do you know: A few weeks after I started reading, the opportunity to take action on that mindset came to us. And off we went, deciding to leave Berlin and become location independent ourselves. Hence, this blog you are reading at this very moment.

And with a week to go before we leave Berlin and heave-ho toward a never-ending series of destinations and new experiences, I must once again give a big thanks to John and for being a major part of Ground Zero for what has and will become a ridiculously insightful adventure.

Tip-tip, y’all – we’re going on the road. T-minus seven days…