Basel, Switzerland via Jets Like Taxis

After some car trouble, not-feeling-well scenarios, and scheduling conflicts, we were finally able to make the short trip down to Basel, Switzerland, with our friends dust and Laura. It was New Country Day for Angela, and I found myself being more excited about it than she was. I’m a nerd like that.

So, off we went, making the 40-minute trek down to the Swiss border. Basel isn’t that big at 170,000 people (not including the suburbs), but that still makes it Switzerland’s third-largest city. It’s sadly known for its pharmaceutical and industrial fortitude, and happily known as the home of Art Basel, a wonderful old town, and its scenic location along the Rhine River.

I’ve been to Switzerland many times, but this was my first trip to Basel. We like the city, but found ourselves feeling like it resembles Germany more than Switzerland. That’s not a diss, but it doesn’t have the lush greenery and scenic backdrops one would think of when pondering the glorious wonders of the country.

The old town is wonderful, as are the walls along the Rhine, the oldest houses I’ve ever seen (some were dated 1300!), the friendly people, and the delicious coffee. We also made an evening trip to the Carhartt Gallery on the German side of the border, in the town of Weil am Rhein.

We did enjoy our day in Basel, but feel that we could spend much more time exploring different parts of the city and seeing more of what it has to offer. The day trip felt short and condensed into a small geographic location. Hopefully, we’ll get to head back to Basel at some point and really delve into what this very international, historic, and lively city has to offer. You can see more photos from the nice but overcast day we had in the city on our Facebook page.