Seville, Spain by Jets Like Taxis

So here we are, in lovely Seville, Spain. How – or why – did we come here? As you know, we spent the last five months in Montenegro, living a by-the-sea, by-the-mountains, small-town lifestyle. It was great and we enjoyed every minute of it (except the torrential downpours during the winter).

As we have plans for late spring, we wanted to swing through a new place for a couple months before getting into a possibly intense project. We hate winter and are already in Europe, so we figured we should find the warmest place available on the continent. Options were drilled down to southern Spain and southern Italy, with Spain winning out due to its much larger options regarding flats, cities, and weather.

We considered Valencia, Alicante, Almeria, Malaga, and Seville, as well as the cities that are close to the latter: Cadiz, Jerez, Huelva, Cordoba. Crazy small towns were out of the picture because we only have two months, and because we just spent the last six (Montenegro plus a month in southwestern Germany) in small towns. We’re city people at heart, and it is city time.

Seville, Spain by Jets Like Taxis

We honestly weren’t sure where to go, mostly because we really don’t care. Every place has its own ups and downs. Every place is livable and likable for a variety of reasons, and every place has its annoyances. We enjoy everything, and never find ourselves needing to be in the “best” city or “best” location – whatever those are.

Flat searches began, and we found viable options in most cities. We had previously chit-chatted with Cat from Sunshine & Siestas via social media connections, and decided to seek out her advice. She lives in Seville, likes it here, and we thought, ‘Hey, why not?’ Seville it is.

Seville, Spain by Jets Like Taxis

That’s really what happened and really how much we don’t care about where we are. Great experiences are everywhere. Despite top-ten lists and best-places diatribes, that’s a fact, Jack. And despite the local pride that dictates what our friends from other Spanish cities had say about it, we knew Seville would be just fine.

Apartments were booked, a bevy of plane tickets was purchased, and we were ready for a new encounter. Do you know how hard it is to fly from one southern destination to another southern destination in the middle of off-season? Oy.

Three flights…

Dubrovnik, Croatia by Jets Like Taxis

…one overnight stay…

Frankfurt, Germany by Jets Like Taxis

…four countries and one island later…

Mallorca, Spain by Jets Like Taxis

…we landed in Seville.

Seville, Spain by Jets Like Taxis

And here we are. Time to get into all kinds of madness, relax and go crazy, learn about a new city and a new culture, meet new people, eat new food, and rethink and relearn the (Mexican) Spanish we already know. Ready? Let’s do it!

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When you go, how do you decide where you’re going next? Have you ever been to Seville? Any other thoughts or questions? Have your say in the comments!