Who’s that on TV?! We were invited to be guests of our friend Shawn (Azahar Sevilla, Sevilla Tapas), as she was featured this week on Canal Sur TV. It was for a food blogging segment that’s part of a larger series about entrepreneurial women in Spain, and the station wanted to interview her about her business and get a taste of what it’s like to be on one of her tapas tours. She runs fantastic tours here in Seville, and is one of the top bloggers in the region.

Lucky for us, she had us join her for the ride, where she got all the fame and we got to eat like kings. Fortunately for you, they cut out the client interview, where you would have gotten to experience our terrible Spanish and relish nightmares about it down the road.

The entire video is about a few food bloggers, but Shawn’s great segment with us as glorious sidekick fodder starts at 1:16. Many thanks to Shawn for inviting us to come along, and thanks to the ladies at Canal Sur for their hospitality!