Fabric of America by Jets Like Taxis

Hey there! As you hopefully now know, we’ve recently announced a new project in the U.S. called the Fabric of America tour. We’ll be driving 6,000 miles over the course of three months, exploring the back roads of America, and spotlighting small businesses and independent folks who personify the American Dream. If you want to catch up, we highly suggest that you read this post first.

Now then…Because this is such a long journey that has us constantly on the move for over 90 days, we have quite a few costs that are outside of our normal, slow-travel expenses. These include three months of hotels, rental cars, technology, equipment, and more.

Therefore, we’re seeking corporate partners and sponsors who would like to join us on our journey. We have a wide variety of flexible packages available, that provide you – our potential partner – with all different kinds of opportunities both on the ground and online.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us right here. We’ll hit you back right away with our project proposal and some basic partnership award ideas. We’re also 100% open and flexible when it comes to working with you to create a package that benefits both you and us in the greatest respect. Because our project is proprietary and we spent so much time putting it together for you, we are not making these documents publicly available. Just shoot us an email, and we’ll send you all the goodies!

Achtung! We are not only seeking financial supporters for the Fabric of America tour. We are concerned with covering the things we need on the road, and product placement or provision is just as important to us.

If you’re not with a company, do you know someone who might be interested? If so, please send them our way or contact us to let us know who it is and how we can get in touch.

Not with a company but still want to support? Not a problem! We now have an online store up for all of you fine folks out there who want to be part of our journey. Pick up some ‘Fabric of America’ and Jets Like Taxis tees and totes right here.

There is also an option to “feed the doggie” by donating to the project fund, in case you don’t want merch or would like to contribute more.

Fabric of America by Jets Like Taxis

That said, below is a list of the types of companies we’re interested in partnering with. We are open to many more, so please don’t think you can’t do it if you don’t see your sector down below. After that section, you’ll be privy to a list of companies that have already been so gracious as to join us on this journey. They’re doing it, and you should too!


We’re open to anything and everything. Within reason, of course. Some examples of ideal partners:

  • Insurance companies
  • Lodging companies
  • Auto makers
  • Car rental companies
  • Electronics and technology retailers
  • Technology brands
  • Wireless providers
  • Travel companies
  • Publishers
  • Gasoline companies
  • Convenience store chains
  • Pet-related brands
  • Coffee companies
  • Tire companies
  • Footwear brands
  • Credit card companies
  • Office supplies retailers
  • …and you! Give us a shout.


If you’re here, you fall into companies whose products we actually need during our journey. Supplying products to us for advertising, review, and other awards outlined in our project documentation is something we greatly encourage. Below are the types of products we need to make this a reality.

  • Hotel / Accommodation: Current partners are providing 30 days worth of stays. We still need at least 60 more!
  • Automobile: We can’t walk this trip. So, we’re looking for an auto maker, car rental company,or any other company who’d like to provide us with wheels for the journey. If you want to take it further, a car wrap is a great opportunity for nationwide exposure!
  • Wireless Service and Equipment: Mobile phones, mobile broadband, and wireless service. We’ve got to stay connected and keep you up to date while we’re out in the wilds of America!
  • Computer Equipment: Laptops and tablets so we can stay in the first world, keep working, and of course write and publish all of the articles about the Fabric of America.
  • Photography Equipment: Gotta have photos, right? We need cameras and tripods so we can take sexy photos while we’re on the road.
  • Gasoline: Gotta keep that car running! Fuel is expensive these days, and I am not a fan of pushing the car while Ang sits in it and jams out to the latest tunes on the radio.
  • Food / Grocery: Must have sustenance! Fuel for our bodies, as it were.

Any other ideas? Let us know!


Yes indeed! We already have a selection of sponsors that are supporting us with products, services, or financial backing. These guys are into it, so it’s obviously something that’s irresistible! We could not be more appreciative of their support, and we’re super-excited to have them along for the ride.

  • Tom Bihn Luggage: The fine folks at Tom Bihn are our official luggage partner. They have been making some of the finest bags available since 1972, and they do it all in the USA! They are supplying all of our bags for our journey – you can see more about how great they are here: Website | Facebook | Twitter
  • Red Roof Inn: They are providing us with 25 days of stays during our journey. These folks have been doing it for travelers since 1972; and in this day and age, they’re currently revamping a whole host of properties to their new NextGen establishments. They look crazy good, and we can’t wait to give them a proper sleeping! See more about the company and NextGen here: Website | Facebook | Twitter
  • Red Lion Hotels: This West Coast-based hotel company is providing us with a number of stays during the western leg of our tour. With 52 hotels in 10 states and British Columbia, Red Lion is known for its excellence as a full-service hotel that is entirely pet-friendly. The company was founded over 70 years ago, and currently offers its signature “Stay Comfortable” rooms, on-site restaurants, free high-speed internet, fitness centers, and more. We’re delighted to have them on board and look forward to experiencing their renowned hospitality first-hand. See more about Red Lion Hotels here: Website | Facebook | Twitter
  • Motel 6: They are providing us with 5 days of stays. Tom Bodett said, “We’ll leave the light on for you.” And he was right. Since 1962, Motel 6 has been ever-present in the minds of travelers everywhere, and are still going strong. They opened 62 new locations in 2012 alone, including their all-new, extended-stay Studio 6 properties. We’re excited to see how they’ve been moving forward! You can keep up with them online, where the light is always also on: Website | Facebook | Twitter
  • La Quinta Inns & Suites: The folks at La Quinta are kind enough to provide us with 5 days of stays during our journey. As with our other lodging supporters, we’ve been staying at their hotels for years and are always happy to swing by a new property – or a familiar one – to enjoy a relaxing stay with Louis. Not only that, but we can always get work done in their comfortable rooms and appreciate their value. Their motto is “Wake Up on the Bright Side,” and we can assure you that we always do when we stay at their hotels. You can visit them online here: Website | Facebook | Twitter
  • Best Western: Best Western has graciously provided us with two nights of stays during our journey. You may not know this, but each Best Western property is independently-owned and -operated franchise. The company is a non-profit membership association, and each franchisee is a voting member in the co-op. Pretty cool, right? This is why every Best Western hotel has its own name and personality. We’re delighted that they are on board in support of our project! You can join them online at the following links: Website | Facebook | Twitter
  • Magellan’s Travel Supplies: Our official travel gear supplier! Providing us with clothing, accessories, and other travel gear, they have been a trusted source of travel supplies since 1989. We have fond memories of getting their paper catalogs in the mail back in the day, and seeing (and ordering) the newest gear and supplies for our adventures. Nowadays, you can find them doing it big online – still supplying the latest and greatest in original gear for every type of traveler. Receive travel updates and learn about products to solve any travel pain point by visiting them here: Website | Facebook | Twitter
  • Marginal Boundaries: A support sponsor, Tim and his crew have been die-hard enthusiasts of ours since we first met in 2012. Tim encouraged us during our evolution from being expats to full-time travelers, and has always been someone who will lend an ear and give solid advice. Marginal Boundaries publishes a blog and books about living an independent lifestyle, self-determination, and being a global citizen in the digital age. Starting this year, they are also providing learning retreats for those who want to go out on their own and start a location-independent, sustainable business. You can keep up with them here: Website | Facebook | Twitter
  • Eagle Creek: If you travel, then you know Eagle Creek. Founded by Steve and Nona Barker back in 1975, the company’s goal was to focus on adventure travel gear. Throughout the years, they’ve grown exponentially and are constantly innovating. Nowadays, they supply all types of travelers in their adventures across the globe. We’ve been using their products – in one form or another – for most of our adult lives, and are happy to have them on board as the provider of our larger-capacity gear for the “Fabric of America” tour. You can visit them online here: Website | Facebook | Twitter
  • Shawnimals: Shawnimals is a character design studio based in Chicago, which converts its madness into plush, vinyl toys, video games, and other lifestyle accessories. We’re fortunate to have been friends with Shawn and Jen for years, being great fans of their work and occasionally working with them on collaborative projects. Being people who love to buy their often-handmade work, play their games, and have a deep affection for their creativity as small-business owners, we’re delighted to have them as a support sponsor for our journey and look forward to sharing their creations as we traverse the U.S. See more about them here: Website | Facebook | Twitter
  • Rotofugi: Roto-what? Rotofugi! RO-TOW-FOO-JEE. Some of our favorite folks on Earth, Kirby and Whitney started their world-renowned designer toy store and gallery, in Chicago, back in 2004. We were blessed to have made their acquaintance many years ago, and now count them as great friends. Not only that, but we’ve worked on many projects together and are huge fans of everything they do. They are trailblazers in the world of designer toys, lifestyle accessories, and the shameless promotion of great artists and artwork. Because of that, they are highly respected all over as a small business and wonderful people. We are blessed to have them aboard as a support sponsor, and look forward to promoting their brand as we hit the road. See more about them here: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Fabric of America by Jets Like Taxis

Pretty fresh, right?

We heartily thank both our corporate and personal supporters, as well as everyone who reads this blog. If donating to or supporting our unique project is not something you can or want to do, but you still want to follow along and let people know about it – we appreciate an email, a social share, or anything else you want to pass along to your friends and family! Every bit counts, and one click helps more than you think.

If any of you have questions or comments, you’re free to leave your thoughts below, or shoot us an email. If you want to support us but are not with a company, our merch shop is up now, and you can also click on Louis to contribute and feed the doggie!

Jets Like Taxis - Fabric of America Tour

We look forward to showcasing the folks that embody the American Dream, and sharing our experiences with you here. Thanks again to all y’all…You rock!

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Thoughts, questions, or comments? Have your say down below!