Our good friend, fellow traveler, cooking master, vegan feeder, and overall nice guy Justin at The Lotus and The Artichoke has a brand new cookbook coming out.

While he busted his backside on it and got a Kickstarter project fully funded, he’s mere dollars away from reaching its highest goal, which will see new rewards and a German translation of the entire cookbook.

There’s just over 24 hours to go. And if you haven’t supported the project yet, we strongly suggest you do that. Right now. Fancy rewards, delicious treats, and a sense of accomplishment.

And you know I’m not bullshitting here, because I could literally spray myself down with bacon fat and roll in a pile of ham hocks, all while chowing down on the finest of mixed meat platters. (Don’t visualize that.)

And here I am – here we are – supporting a vegan cookbook. So you know darn well that it’s good. 24 hours to go. Do it.

The Lotus and The Artichoke

The Lotus and The Artichoke

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