Hey there! What’s crackin’? I just posted the below on our About page, but I figured it’d make a good first post as well. Right then…

Jets Like Taxis in County Wicklow
County Wicklow, Ireland (2009)

We are Ang and Ryan. We’re a couple – with crazy little dog named Louis in tow – who love to travel the world, live different places, get to know people and new cultures, learn languages, and do lots of sitting in cafes. Not that we don’t work or anything. Fortunately for us, we’ve put ourselves in a position to be location independent, and it just so happens that it’s also the way we prefer to live.

It all started when we were young, traveling around, learning languages (collectively, we speak English, French, German, some Spanish, and a smattering of many others), and being utterly fascinated by everything that it entails. As kids, toys were replaced by language books; and thanks to our parents, the World Book Encyclopedia, various subjects of the Time Life series, and massive collections of National Geographic all became indispensable reading. We’ve traveled all over, as much as we could, and eventually left our home in Chicago to become expats in Berlin, Germany.

We have loved Berlin, loved (and hated) learning the language, and loved becoming part of the wonderful city that it is. Now that 2012 is upon us, certain changes we made to our lifestyle and the way we run our business has allowed us to become location independent. Beginning late in the summer, we will become nomads, living wherever we see fit, taking life and travel slow, and enjoying being in all the new places that we’ll find.

Europe? Africa? Asia? South America? We’re not sure yet, but everything is on our list! If you have a suggestion as to where we go next, feel free to contact us here, leave a comment, or visit us on our Facebook page. We love meeting new people and exploring new places, so don’t hesitate to give us a shout!

Oh, and why “Jets Like Taxis”? We have always loved to travel, and one of our friends once said, “We take jets like taxis.” That’s not exactly true, but it was a great statement that we thought was fitting, even if we don’t live the high-class, jet-set lifestyle. We’ve had the domain forever, and figured now would be a great time to use it. Right? Sure, why not. Time to actually write something about all of our (mis)adventures!

It shall continue being a wild ride, and we look forward to every minute of it…

Yours from the road,

Ang, Ryan & Louis