One we knew about, one we didn’t. Thanks to everyone.

Lonely Planet: Our friend and brilliant travel writer, Tim Leffel, interviewed us for his feature about digital nomads who make a living while traveling the world. We were two of a handful of people profiled in this article. We’re honored to be considered as examples for people, especially considering that most of the others in this article are true travel heavyweights. Thanks to Tim and Lonely Planet!

Digital Nomad Hub: We actually have no idea who these folks are, or what their agenda is. What we do know is that they wrote an article about us and the advice we give now and then, and we appreciate that they did so! Thanks to whoever you are, and thanks for tagging us on Google+; otherwise, we might have never known about it.


Oregon’s Adventure Coast: Nobody told us about this one, either. Ang stumbled across it a while ago, though, and we thought we’d share it here. The fine folks at this magazine did an article about our articles about Coos Bay, Oregon. Thanks, Oregon people!

Humboldt Bay Tourism Center: Lis and Sergio kick ass. Seriously. We had a ball with them and were seriously impressed with what they do. Not too long ago, they decided to quote us in an article on their website. Ang stumbled across this one as well.

We are blessed, no doubt about that. Thanks to all four of these entities – as well as all of you – for supporting what we do. You all rock.

Guanajuato, Mexico by Jets Like Taxis

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