Praia do Amado, Portugal

Hey all! More fun from glorious Portugal! We've previously visited Praia do Amado, but we went back recently with the family, keeping the tour-guide-for-all-our-friends-who-come-to-visit label going strong. Read more

Luz, Portugal

Had enough yet of us and Portugal? Lots to see, lots to do, and we've only scraped the surface! We recently went back to the lovely village of Luz in the Algarve, and we're here to share some pictures with you. Yay! We just had to show my parents a lot of these places when they made the trek over to Seville. Even though we've been to a lot of them before, going back was just as good of a time...

Carvoeiro, Portugal

More from glorious Portugal! We've spent an inordinate amount of time there this year, which is totally fine by us. :) Lots of guests, friends who live there, lots of reasons to go. As if we actually need a reason to go (again). Southern Portugal is fantastic. The Algarve region is full of life and scenery and relaxation, and we always have a good time there. When my parents came to visit again...

Cabo de São Vicente, Portugal

Welcome to Cabo de São Vicente! That's Cape St. Vincent in English, at the end of the world in southwestern Portugal. We already wrote a bit about this fascinating place in another post here, but we revisited with my parents earlier this year and we thought we'd share some more photos. Read more

Burgau, Portugal

There's always tons to see in Portugal, and the southern region of the Algarve is no exception. This long and beautiful coastline is a major destination for foreigners and Portuguese alike, and features some of the world's most gorgeous beaches. Read more

Aljezur, Portugal

Welcome back to the Algarve! Portugal's vast, southern region might be known most for its beaches, but it's got all kinds of interesting towns inland as well. Back when my parents came to visit us in Seville, we took them all over southern Portugal so they could see what all the fuss is about. One of those non-beach towns we went to is that of Aljezur. It's pretty small, but it has an...

Cacela Velha, Portugal

Seems like we go to Portugal a lot these days! Sometimes, we go there to get away for a bit, or to escape huge holidays in Seville, or when family and friends visit. On this occasion, our friends were in town from Germany, so we decided to show them some of the many interesting places in Portugal that aren't at all far from our home in Seville. Read more

Portugal Getaway: Lagos

Let's go to Lagos! During our Portugal Getaway, the city of Lagos was our base camp for exploring the Algarve. It's also a very interesting and nice city, with lots to see and do...and eat! Read more

Portugal Getaway: Praia do Amado

Never enough beaches! During our Portugal Getaway, we saw dozens of them. And while they're all pretty spectacular, Praia do Amado stands out in its own way. I won't give the prize of the most beautiful beach in Portugal - that'd just be way too hard to judge - but this is a mighty fine-looking place. Read more

Portugal Getaway: Sagres and Cape St. Vincent

To the ends of the Earth! We roamed all over southern Portugal during our getaway to the Algarve; and Sagres - at the end of Europe, more or less - was one of the beautiful places we stopped to check out some scenery and watch the world go by. Read more