Sagres, Portugal

Yes, another Portugal post. Yes, I know you never get tired of them. We've been to Portugal so much recently that it might feel a bit repetitive to see all these posts on the blog. But, you know what? It's our blog and it's about what we do. So there! Read more

Salema, Portugal

"I live here now." That's what my sister said when she posted a picture of Salema, Portugal, on her Facebook page. We were hitting up the Algarve with her (Heidi) and Ben, my brother-in-law. They were visiting from the US and we took them on their first trip to this area. Read more

Lagos, Portugal

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're probably thinking, "Another post about Lagos?!" Well, we love going there. And we went there again! This time, we went with my sister and brother-in-law, as they'd never been to Portugal before and we wanted to show them around some of our regular haunts, new places, and to make those cool two people hang out with some of our cool friends. Read more

Fóia and Caldas de Monchique, Portugal

Goin', goin', back, back to Fóia, Fóia. (You should probably do that to music for it to make any sort of sense.) So yeah! My sister and brother-in-law, Heidi and Ben, came to visit, and we went to Portugal! Again! Because we love Portugal! Read more

Praia de Odeceixe, Portugal

Let's check out some more from Portugal! As you probably already know, we go there often for both day trips and vacation, as the Algarve region is a stone's throw from our base in Seville. During a trip with my parents earlier this year, we did a lot of driving around the region and visited the historic village of Aljezur. Not very far west of here is a small community called Odeceixe. While...

Tavira, Portugal

Let's take a trip to Tavira! This town in southeastern Portugal is an easy day trip from Seville, so we went there not too long ago with a couple of our friends who were visiting from Germany. Tavira is quite popular with Spaniards and other tourists who want to get away, and it mainly survives on tourism these days after being a successful fishing village for many, many years. Read more

Fóia and Monchique, Portugal

Hello from the top of the Algarve! Before you get into this post, you might want to check out our previous and more detailed one about the village of Monchique and the mountain of Fóia. You can read that post right here. Read more

Sagres, Portugal

Back to Sagres, and more Portugal adventures for us! We brought my parents here - to the end of the Earth - on a cold and windy day, so it was a little dicey being a couple hundred feet straight up from the ocean! Read more

Lagos, Portugal

Back to Lagos! This city in southern Portugal is almost always our base camp when we visit the Algarve. Not only is it an easy starting point to visit a lot of villages and beaches down there, but it's also a great city that has a lot to do, amazing cliffside beaches, good restaurants, and an easygoing population. Read more

Praia da Manta Rota, Portugal

It seems we just can't stop posting about Portugal. It's never going to end! That's not necessarily a bad thing, though - we have just had a really long run of Portugal due to our frequent visits this year. And, before the weather got warm and sunny, we headed to another beach in the Algarve called Praia da Manta Rota. Read more