Western North Carolina: Waynesville

During our latest road trip, one of the top, top, top things I was excited to see was Western North Carolina. This region of the country hugs the Great Smoky Mountains, and is full of national parks, national forests, beautiful drives, gorgeous small towns, and a whole lot more. We'd most recently been to this area for a brief time during our 2013 road trip, but we didn't really get to...

What We Did: Johnson City, Tennessee & Surrounding Area

On to the Volunteer State! After our short stay in Roanoke, Virginia, we headed south to the small city of Johnson City, Tennessee. Why'd we pick Johnson City? As always, why not?! We like small cities, and it was the perfect place to spend a couple of days on our slow drive from Roanoke to North Carolina. Read more

Pit Stop: Roanoke, Virginia

Onward and upward! After our great week in West Virginia, we made our way south to our next stop in Roanoke, Virginia. Because our drive was longer between long stops than we generally like to drive, Roanoke was a great spot to spend a couple of days relaxing before hitting the road again. Read more

Where We Stayed & Ate: Tucker County, West Virginia

Most places we go in this world have delicious food and we can at least find one or two great places to stay. As we love to sleep and we most definitely love to eat, we had to separate where we did these things from our first post about Tucker County, West Virginia, which you can read here. Read more

What We Did: Tucker County, West Virginia & Surrounding Area

After our longer-than-planned stay in Circleville, Ohio, we made the few hours' drive northeast to Tucker County, West Virginia. We didn't have much knowledge of the area, and didn't even expect to be there! See, during our sojourn in Circleville, we received an email from our contact at the Visit Southern West Virginia office. Unbeknownst to us, there was massive flooding and a natural...

Pit Stop: Circleville, Ohio

Time for another great American road trip! We put in three months and over 15,000 miles on our Fabric of America road trip back in 2013, and we wanted to do another - albeit shorter - one this summer. I really wanted to return to the mountains of Appalachia, as we'd both been there before but not spent a lot of time exploring. So, we decided to take our month-long road trip in that direction....

Road Trip: Galena, Illinois, and Balltown, Iowa

How about a little road trip? I'm late in posting this - shocker, I know - but I wanted to get this up at some point, so here we are! Last time we were in the States, we went on a little weekend road trip with my folks, to visit Galena, Illinois, and northeast Iowa. Why? Shoot, why not? I hadn't been to Galena since I was a kid, and we also wanted to visit a famous restaurant in Balltown, Iowa,...

Rest Stop: Louisville, Kentucky

I'm not calling this post a "rest stop" in the typical sense of pulling over the car, going to a terrible public restroom, and buying something you don't really want from a vending machine. I'm calling it a "rest stop" because that's actually what it was for us. A stop. To rest. After 15,000 miles (24,000 km) on our "Fabric of America" road trip, we needed a place to recharge. At the end of our...

Day Trip: San Antonio, Texas

Ah, Texas. We spent quite a bit of time here during our "Fabric of America" tour, and for several days of that, we based ourselves in San Marcos, Texas. As it sits not too far north of the great city of San Antonio, we decided to head down there for a day and get our stroll on. As hot as it was, we had to check out the sights and eat some delicious treats. Read more

Day Trip: A Visit to New Braunfels, Texas

Auf geht's! During our "Fabric of America" adventure, we stopped in south-central Texas to spend time exploring some historically German cities in the region and in Texas Hill Country. One of the towns we spent a few hours in was New Braunfels, Texas. This place reeks of German history and heritage, and I personally have a familial connection to it. Read more