Chicago Buds in Seville, Spain: Part 2

Part of Day 2 in Seville with the #tracksuittravelers Monica and Pedi. Great times hanging and showing them our city. At Viriato Guevara & Lynch, Al Aljibe, Freskura, and Bier Kraft.

Chicago Buds in Seville, Spain

Glad to have Pedi & Monica back on European soil for their first visit to Seville. First day...lunch, drinks, ice cream, drinks, drinks, dinner, drinks. We out here. Arte y Sabor, Freskura, Hotel Patio de la Alameda, Bier Kraft, Nazca.

FNSC Action at Bier Kraft in Seville, Spain

Great times at Bier Kraft. Some shots from earlier this month with a bunch of the buds. If you’re in Seville, stop by the spot! Friday Night Social Club every...Friday night.

Parcería Café in Seville, Spain

The delicious coffee and treats come with nothing but bomb chronic fire blazing bang bang at Parcería Café in Seville. #sleepingisforsuckers

Nazca in Seville, Spain

Love rolling into Nazca whenever friends are in town. It never gets old, it’s always soooooo delicious, and the company is always top notch. ¡Mil gracias Danieli!

El Cocinero Feliz in Seville, Spain

Nice to finally have some slammin’ Asian food in Seville. Thanks to Pablo for finally getting us over there and to the whole gang for the good times at El Cocinero Feliz.

Seville, Spain: Winter 2018-2019 Part 2

Time for a bit of a winter wrap-up! You saw the first part of winter in my my previous post, and this one will cover January and February. It's mostly just a rundown with pictures and such, as I realized I wasn't posting much daily life action. So, here we go! Read more

Seville, Spain: Winter 2018-2019 Part 1

Hey all! As noted in my last post, I'm trying to catch up and keep up with our daily lives here in Seville, Spain. You're not going to find a lot of touristy sights and such, but you can always check all of our Spain posts to see some of those. Read more

Seville, Spain: Autumn 2018

Hey all! Most of you know we don't blog much about Seville, since it's where we're usually based and it's a normal, mundane life. We only, really do touristy things here if we have guests. And even then, we don't do much! Read more

Frigiliana, Spain

On our way back to Seville from Cartagena, we stopped in the village of Frigiliana. Known as "the most beautiful pueblo blanco in Spain," we found a nice Airbnb there and decided to hang out for a few days. Read more