Yes indeed! Since we travel full-time and live in a new city/country every 3-6 months, we’ve decided to go ahead and open the floodgates to invitations from any city, region, or country in the world.

And guess what? This can be done at no cost to you.

We already live this lifestyle, but we’re always looking for new places to go, new langauges to learn, and new cultures to explore. There are a nearly endless supply of interesting places to go, and we don’t always know about every single one of them. (Is that even possible?)

So, why not have us come to you for a few months and write some articles about your area while we explore the land?

The new page on our site is called “Invite Only,” and you can access it in the top menu or at this link.

We encourage your suggestions, and encourage even more that you send this to your local tourism office.

Check out the page, and let us know your ideas or thoughts. See you soon…maybe!

Jets Like Taxis by JPM (The Lotus and The Artichoke)

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