One thing you can guarantee is that we never shill products we don’t use, support, or like. Another thing you can guarantee is that we are rapid promoters of products we do use, support, and like. The more viciously we promote something, the more excited we are about it. That’s how we operate as people, which of course finds its way onto our blog and social media pages.

This brings us to Marginal Boundaries. You’ve seen us write about Tim, Cris, and the Marginal Boundaries operation for a long time now. Which should tell you that we love what they do. Not only that, but they were integral in our start as location-independent, full-time travelers over a year ago. The Expat Guidebook is the first book I read when we started exploring our lifestyle.

Meet Tim and Cris…

Tim and Cris of Marginal Boundaries

I started reading The Expat Guidebook out of nothing but pure interest. I distinctly remember sitting in our kitchen in Berlin, reading it on my tablet, in its entirety, in one evening. The ideas and alternatives to a traveling, independent lifestyle intrigued me to no end, and I really got into the idea of minimizing and finally being able to travel wherever, whenever.

The Expat Guidebook by Marginal Boundaries

Being location-independent wasn’t even a goal of ours at that time. We have always loved to travel – and did so as much as we could – but we had been planning on staying in Berlin for the long term. A couple weeks after I started really getting into the whole nomad idea, a twist of fate happened and we found ourselves in the right time and place to make the leap and begin traveling full-time.

If I hadn’t stumbled across Marginal Boundaries or hadn’t read The Expat Guidebook, we might have never even realized we had the opportunity to do what we do.

And with that, I shill. In celebration of 1,500 e-book sales, they’re having a sale. And it’s this weekend only. Through Sunday, every purchase of The Expat Guidebook also gets you free copies of Tim’s new book, Beyond Borders – The Social Revolution, and his Live Like A Local in Cancún, Mexico travel guide. Not only that, but The Expat Guidebook is on sale for the next few days.

What does that mean? It means you get all three e-books for a mere $20. That’s it. Twenty freakin’ dollars. Everyone can afford that. You’re basically getting schooled on the ideas of being independent, learning about social media marketing, and understanding how to live in a foreign city. For twenty bucks. Get in on it right here.

Beyond Borders - The Social Revolution

And, if they sell 100 book packs before the end of this weekend, they’ll go ahead and give away one spot in Tim and Cris’s “Destination Freedom” retreat in Cancún, Mexico.

You’ve seen us post about it before, and know that we fully support the face-to-face retreat where you’ll learn about building your brand, take Spanish lessons, and get to understand how you can profit from being your own boss and living in another country. That’s a $6,000 package. Given away. For free.

Buy the book pack right here.

Don’t wait, because the deal is only good through the weekend. If you need more info before pulling the trigger, check their related blog post.

Tim from Marginal Boundaries

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Have you read The Expat Guidebook? Any of the other Marginal Boundaries publications? Did you go to the retreat? Heck, what do you even think about all this? Let us know in the comments!