In case you didn’t know, we are designers. And we make shirts. Occasionally, we get the itch to do Jets Like Taxis shirts, in case any of you want to be seen wearing such a thing. :)

We’ve just put up some new designs on freshism. One is a re-release of one of our “Fabric of America” designs with some new colourways, and the other is a new shirt based on a stencil we did many moons ago, which was originally used for old Jets Like Taxis stickers way back before we ever had a blog.

These, as well as our “Design Your Life” tees and tote bags, are available in multiple colors for all ages right here. If you buy anything on freshism, you’ll not only be supporting what we do, but you’ll be supporting independent artists and great people. So yeah, go do that!

Use coupon code JETS15 to save 15% off your entire order.

“American Girl Scout” T-shirt: Our sort of apocalyptic propaganda piece. Just a girl. With dynamite. And a flight mask. And devil horns. And a toy airplane. As mentioned before, this was originally a stencil (and a canvas), and her head was used on some old stickers of ours. Finally decided to put her on a shirt! Available in two colors for all ages.

American Girl Scout by Jets Like Taxis

“Express” T-shirt: As we travel full-time and such, we liked the concept of a postal-style design. This one is two colors and includes a globe along with banners that say “Design Your Life.” You can get it in black, brown, kelly green, and navy blue. Men, women, and kids, short- and long-sleeve.

Express by Jets Like Taxis

Express by Jets Like Taxis

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