Hi! This past week, my sister reminded me that it had been 8 years since we hit the road. That’s a long time! Feels like it’s only been a couple of years. We’ve certainly had amazing experiences and met amazing people, and we’ll continue to do so. That said, it’s time for some blog changes.

A year ago, or something like that, I informed you that I’d be posting more photos and less text. I just didn’t have it in me to write long-form posts anymore, and I honestly wasn’t very interested in doing so. I also found myself behind all the time, as this blog is simply a personal project and not our actual job. I want my time for things I want to do, not things I feel like I should be doing for reasons that don’t really matter a whole lot.

Lately, I haven’t really wanted to blog at all. But, I know I’ve needed to. Not just for you all, but for me. It’s important to have these memories. And it’s important to own our data. What are you going to do with all your memories if Facebook or Instagram or whatever ever goes down or gets sold or kicks you out? Will they be lost forever? You need to own your memories in one way or another.

That said, here’s how it’s going to be from now on…I will no longer be writing long-form or long-in-general blog posts. I will only be posting what amounts to posts similar to what we post on our Facebook and Instagram pages. This is much more time-efficient for me, and I’ll still be able to share things here that I own, as opposed to relying strictly on social media pages to hold our data.

Funnily enough, it will also mean that I post more often. If you read this blog and follow us on social media, you probably know that those pages get shorter updates, but more regular ones, whereas our blog gets one post a week, more or less.

Some of you read and follow along on both social media and the blog. Feel free to read one or the other. Or both! They’ll just be very similar – if not the same – from now on.

Thanks to all of you for joining us in this journey. It’s going to continue…just, in a different manner.



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