Following is a guest post from the folks from “The Human, Earth Project,” Ben Randall, and John at We’re supporting this cause, so we agreed to publish an article for them here about their upcoming crowdfunding campaign and documentary. Please read on and support the cause if you have the means. Thanks! – Angela and Ryan

Maybe you know M, or someone similar. She’s 16, chatty, and quick-witted. She loves her family and friends. She always has a smile for you. She likes people and jewelry. When she’s not at school, she tries to make extra money in the local market.

Perhaps your M has an after-school job. Perhaps you worry about your M; she’s getting older and more independent, but you know that she’s smart and there are lots of people around to look after her.

Unlike your M, ours is not your typical, American teenage girl. She is from a remote hill tribe in northern Vietnam. She has to work hard to improve her English for tourists; it’s a good way to make some money for her family.

Our M was kidnapped.

Human Trafficking

After accepting a ride home from a man she knew, M was most likely was taken to China to be sold as a wife or prostitute. She hasn’t been heard from in over two years.

Our M doesn’t have the support of a government to get her back. Her family and friends don’t know what steps to take.

Ben Randall, who met M while teaching English in Vietnam 2 years ago, is going back to help. He’s making a documentary film about the search for his friend, M, and he decided to create The Human, Earth Project to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Ben has paid for most of the production so far himself. But now he needs our help to complete the production and post-production phases of the documentary. Making the documentary a reality will show people what’s really happening in this horrific $32 billion industry.

Here’s a short 3-minute video to learn more about the project.

As part of the campaign, you can purchase beautiful photos of some of the people on Ben’s journey and even have your name in the movie credits.

Visit ‘The Human, Earth Project’ crowdfunding page.

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