Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Hi there! Every year, we try to take at least one weekend away with Heidi and Ben - my sister and brother-in-law - while we're in the U.S. This year, we headed to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for a couple days to hang out and do nothing, really. Read more

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ever been to Milwaukee? This Midwestern city is highly underrated. Even as Chicago natives, we've made quite a few trips up there over the course of our adult lives. They've got a great art scene, fun bars, a nice downtown and lakefront, sports, legendary festivals, and more. Read more

Wisconsin State Fair

Let's go to the fair! We love fairs. State fairs, county fairs, street fests - whatever! Not terribly long ago, we headed up to Wisconsin with our brother-in-law, Ben, and niece, Grace, to explore some gluttony and see what the Wisconsin State Fair had to offer. Yippee! Read more

New Glarus, Wisconsin

Beer time! If you're a beer lover, you've probably heard of New Glarus, Wisconsin. It's the home of New Glarus Brewing Co., well-known for its delicious brews and the fact that it doesn't distribute out of state. People come from all over just to stock up and take back to wherever they came from. It's kind of a big deal. That's why we went! But, we also went because New Glarus is known for its...

Road Trip: Door County, Wisconsin

During our time back in the U.S. while we were awaiting our Spanish visas, we decided to get away for a weekend and head to the famed Midwestern destination of Door County, Wisconsin. From various discussions with Americans and Europeans alike, it appears that not very many folks outside of the Midwest are familiar with Door County. That's a shame, really...or maybe not, considering how packed...

Illinois 2018: Part 4

Ho, ho, ho! The holidays are here and I finally have our last Illinois/USA post of the year for ya. This is part four of all the posts we did about Illinois, as we spent a ton of time in and out of there visiting family and watching our niece play softball. Read more

Seville, Spain: December 2017

Hey! Most of you know that we've spent the majority of our time in the great city of Seville, Spain, over the past few years. You might also notice that we rarely write about it. Read more