Barcelona, Spain: Part 8

And, that’s a wrap! The final set of shots from our trip to Barcelona, mostly the yums from Out of China. Nice to have some bangin’ Chinese food in Spain for once. Back to Seville we have gone. Huge thanks to Pedi & Monica aka #tracksuittravelers for coming over from Chicago and hanging out. See you next go ‘round!

Barcelona, Spain: Part 7

Some shots from our final day in Barcelona with Pedi and Monica, aka #tracksuittravelers. So many good times, y’all! ? #unstoppable

Barcelona, Spain: Part 6

More Barcelona hits! FYI this is never gonna end. Maybe. Beer and food bangers from Biercab, Palau de la Música Catalana, and drool-worthy breakfast at Mostassa. With the bawssses Monica & Pedi of #tracksuittravelers.

Barcelona, Spain: Part 5

Part 5 of our Barcelona getaway starts with amazing breakfast at Think Sweet, followed by a visit to Parc Güell, where all the cool shit was sold out for the day. Bah! Shit happens and that’s okay! We made the most of it, wrapping up in the Gothic quarter with drinks and snacks. Love travel, love hanging with the amazing #tracksuittravelers, Pedi & Monica.

Barcelona, Spain: Part 4

The Barcelona goodies just keep hittin’. This round...the cathedral, more Mikkeller Bar Barcelona action, and a slammin’ Italian dinner at Bronzo. With our buds, Monica & Pedi aka #tracksuittravelers.

Barcelona, Spain: Part 3

Barcelona Part 3 and this is all artwork. We popped into Villa del Arte gallery and had a look-see at some amazing work by Françoise Nielly, Gil Bruvel, Yvonne Michiels, Corvengi Mikaelian, Nemo Jantzen, Jordi Diez Fernandez, and more. Some amazing artists and works here, you should definitely swing through Villa del Arte when you’re in BCN.

Barcelona, Spain: Part 2

Part 2 from Barcelona! Many pics and many good times, so there’s gonna be a lot of these. This issue: Lots of walking, Garage Beer Co., Mikkeller Bar Barcelona, and Brunch & Cake (Rosselló). Thanks to Stefano, Jordi & Joaquín!

Barcelona, Spain: Part 1

Part 1 of our jaunt to Barcelona with the #tracksuittravelers, Pedi & Monica! Pics are deep, so this is all good and drink yums from our first stop, Cervesería Catalana. SO MANY DAMN YUMS!!! I couldn’t fit all the yums into one post, but enjoy nonetheless. This place is always packed for a reason.