Sagres, Portugal

Yes, another Portugal post. Yes, I know you never get tired of them. We've been to Portugal so much recently that it might feel a bit repetitive to see all these posts on the blog. But, you know what? It's our blog and it's about what we do. So there! Read more

Sagres, Portugal

Back to Sagres, and more Portugal adventures for us! We brought my parents here - to the end of the Earth - on a cold and windy day, so it was a little dicey being a couple hundred feet straight up from the ocean! Read more

Portugal Getaway: Sagres and Cape St. Vincent

To the ends of the Earth! We roamed all over southern Portugal during our getaway to the Algarve; and Sagres - at the end of Europe, more or less - was one of the beautiful places we stopped to check out some scenery and watch the world go by. Read more

Cabo de São Vicente, Portugal

Welcome to Cabo de São Vicente! That's Cape St. Vincent in English, at the end of the world in southwestern Portugal. We already wrote a bit about this fascinating place in another post here, but we revisited with my parents earlier this year and we thought we'd share some more photos. Read more

Portugal Getaway: Praia do Amado

Never enough beaches! During our Portugal Getaway, we saw dozens of them. And while they're all pretty spectacular, Praia do Amado stands out in its own way. I won't give the prize of the most beautiful beach in Portugal - that'd just be way too hard to judge - but this is a mighty fine-looking place. Read more