Portugal Escape 2019: Part 9

Finally, I’m posting our final dispatch from the Portugal escape! The village of Salema, always a pleasure for a good chill. Hope your weekend was aces!

Portugal Escape 2019: Part 8

Continuing the Portugal escape! Here we are in Odiáxere, visiting our friends and their dogs, and eating amazing piri-piri chicken at O Marcelino, the best spot in the area! Followed that up with a drive to the reservoir for some scenery. Have a great one, y’all!

Portugal Escape 2019: Part 7

Luz! We always enjoy visiting this beach town near Lagos when we’re in the Algarve. Nice walks, views, and always drinks at Endless Summer. Later on in the day, we headed to Sen Tonkin in Ferragudo for some outstanding Vietnamese food with our buds, Anja and Paul. Hope you’re having a great week!

Portugal Escape 2019: Part 6

Can’t ever get enough of the beaches in Portugal! As we continue posting from our Portugal getaway, enjoy these shots from a couple of the beaches in the town of Lagos.

Portugal Escape 2019: Part 5

More from gorgeous Portugal! Doggies and dinner at our friends’ place in Odiáxere, breakfast in Lagos, and some morning runs on the beach in Meia Praia. Have a great weekend! ?

Portugal Escape 2019: Part 4

My favorite village in the Algarve is Carvoeiro. Despite its busy-ness (every village down here has its share of expats and tourists), I love it to death. The beach is hemmed in by cliffs on both sides and the town always has good eats and killer views on offer. Favorite thing to do here? Sit at a cafe and watch the beach, the water, and the world go by.

Portugal Escape 2019: Part 2

Day 2 of our Portugal getaway! Some shots around Lagos and all of its cool buildings, breakfast, and the market, which is way smaller than I expected. Good times!

Portugal Escape 2019: Part 1

First day of our escape to the Algarve in Portugal! Swung through our buds’ house to visit with them and their GOOD DOGGIES. Also had a solid Italian meal at Portofino's, always a good choice. Love it out here.

Lagos & Odiáxere, Portugal

More, more, more! Are you sick of our Portugal posts yet? As you probably know, we go there a lot to 'get away' when we're in Seville. This post is just a little ditty from when we visited our friends, Anja and Paul, earlier this spring. Just some picture sharing and whatnot. Read more