St. Joseph, Michigan Area

As you may know by now, we go to Michigan quite a lot when we're in the U.S. We have friends there, but we also love to hang out in the state. It's beautiful, it's got nice people, it's got lots of water, and it's got great food and drink. Read more

A Return to Grand Rapids, Michigan

Yes, we took another visit to one of our favorite cities: Grand Rapids, Michigan! Actually, we visited three times (!!!) this year to hang out in the town, and to see some good friends who call this place home.Read more

Back to Grand Haven, Michigan

We hit up the U.S. this summer to visit family, take some small road trips, and holler at some friends. We returned to the lovely town of Grand Haven, Michigan, to check out some breweries and relax a bit for a few days. Read more

Return to St. Joseph, Michigan

Hey, guys and gals! While we've visited the beautiful lakeside town of St. Joseph, Michigan, before - read that post here - we returned this past summer to hang out for a couple of days. Read more

Grand Rapids, Michigan

We love us some Michigan. We tend to go every time we visit the States, as it's full of beautiful landscapes, great breweries, and friends scattered here and there. Read more

Grand Haven, Michigan

Discover Michigan! As with our two-stop trip in the town of St. Joseph, we also stopped twice in the town of Grand Haven. Located north of St. Joe, Grand Haven is exactly what its name would lead you to believe. Read more

St. Joseph, Michigan

Let's go to Michigan! During our latest little road trip around the U.S., we went to Michigan not once, but twice! We went up there to visit friends and hang out, but we also went back with my parents to show them how nice the western coast of the state is. And on our way to other places, we stopped by the small, lakeside resort town of St. Joseph. This gorgeous beachside community is home to...

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ever been to Milwaukee? This Midwestern city is highly underrated. Even as Chicago natives, we've made quite a few trips up there over the course of our adult lives. They've got a great art scene, fun bars, a nice downtown and lakefront, sports, legendary festivals, and more. Read more

Fabric of America: Sweetness in Woodstock, Illinois

What do you know about Woodstock, Illinois? If you're not from the surrounding area, I'd imagine you might have heard of it as the location where one of the greatest comedies of all time was filmed: Groundhog Day. That's how most people know the town, anyway. (If this is the point where you go, "What's Groundhog Day," you should read this post, share it with everyone you know and love, and...