Louisville 2018: Part 3

Hey! Yet another post about Louisville, but this is our final one of the year. We spent quite a lot of time there hanging out, hence all the posts. Read more

Louisville 2018: Part 2

We spent quite a lot of time hanging out in Louisville, Kentucky, this year. Mostly just chillin' and whatever as we really dig the city and all it has to offer. Read more

Louisville 2018: Part 1

Angela and I spent quite a bit of time in Louisville this year for various reasons. Because of that, we have a ton of pictures! Read more

Louisville, Kentucky

Ready for some Louisville?! We were first in the Derby City a few years ago, when we were resting up for several days after our massive "Fabric of America" road trip. While our first impression - read about that here - was a good one, we didn't do a whole lot due to our desire to be laid out after 15,000 miles on the road. Read more

Rest Stop: Louisville, Kentucky

I'm not calling this post a "rest stop" in the typical sense of pulling over the car, going to a terrible public restroom, and buying something you don't really want from a vending machine. I'm calling it a "rest stop" because that's actually what it was for us. A stop. To rest. After 15,000 miles (24,000 km) on our "Fabric of America" road trip, we needed a place to recharge. At the end of our...

Seville, Spain: February 2018

Hey there! So, as we mentioned in previous posts, we've decided to do round-ups of our months in Seville or wherever else we are. The mundane, the daily lives, the experiences, etc. As this is just as much - if not more - a journal as it is a blog, we thought it'd be a good idea to put our "where we currently live" things into blog posts instead of our usual penchant for only posting about...