Elzach, Germany

Hey there! During our fall stay in Freiburg, Germany, we headed out with Bev to the nearby village of Elzach to have a hang and meet up with our friend, David from Decker Bier, to visit the über-local brewery, Löwenbrauerei Elzach. Read more

Freiburg, Germany

Hey! As noted in our previous post about Staufen, we like to go to Germany at least once a year to visit our friends and hang out. This includes visiting our pals, Bev and Bruce, in nearby Freiburg. Read more

Staufen im Breisgau, Germany

If you have read this blog for any decent amount of time, you'll notice that we go to Staufen im Breisgau, Germany, at least once a year. We have good family friends there, and we love the area, so we try to swing through as often as we can...when it's not winter, anyway. Read more

Plaza Culinaria in Freiburg, Germany

Do you like food? Do you like drink? Do you like Germany? Well then, we've got the goodness for ya! Near the end of the year, we left sunny Seville and headed up to the rainy cold of southwestern Germany to hook up with our friends there and get real with some tasty treats. Read more

Kaiserstuhl, Germany

Let's take a drive through the Kaiserstuhl! This region in southwestern Germany is known for its gorgeous scenery and plethora of vineyards and wineries. While we were visiting our friends in Freiburg and Staufen, we took a day to jaunt around this lovely area. We mostly just looked around and ate, naturally. Read more

Freiburg & Rieselfeld, Germany

As noted in our most recent post about Staufen im Breisgau, Germany, we tend to go to this area of the world quite often. We have a lot of friends from the region, but we also regularly have to fly through Frankfurt. So, we often spend some time between flights in and out of Frankfurt heading to the Freiburg area of Germany to hang out for a while. This post is an amalgamation of two visits we...

Staufen im Breisgau, Germany

Let's go to Germany! We often visit here, one reason being that we regularly have to fly through Frankfurt. More importantly, we visit southwestern Germany because we have a lot of friends there, and we've spent quite a bit of time there. We end up going to the village of Staufen im Breisgau a few times per year. This allows us to hang out with our good friends, whether between flights or just...

Photo of the Day: Rimsinger Baggersee, Germany

When dust said we were going to a lake in a rock quarry, I presumed he meant a quarry that was disused and abandoned. You know, like you see in kill scenes of dour TV shows and such. Nope, not quite. As we pulled up, I found that we were actually entering the lake area through the entrance of a real, in-use quarry. You know, like you see in kill scenes of dour TV shows and such. (Wait, did I just...

Video and Pictures: A Drive Through the Black Forest and Schluchsee in Germany

I'm not one for making videos, considering I don't exactly deem myself skilled in the art of anything involving photography and videography. But, I decided to make a little video the other day of our drive through the winding mountains in the Black Forest of Germany. And hey, why not post it? It was merely for fun, after all. So, just because... We were rolling around with our hosts/good...

Day Trip: A Jaunt to Breisach, Germany

Breisach, Germany In our quest to see a lot of what makes southwestern Germany tick, we’re off on a lot of short trips to some very small towns in this corner of the country. We’re fortunate to have wonderful hosts here, who are eager to show us the area, and to see things they also might have never seen themselves. In this case, though, our host, dust, knows all about Breisach, and was...