A Return to Colmar, France

While we've visited Colmar before, back in 2017, we decided to head back to this city in the Alsace region of France with our pal, Bev, last time we were visiting her in Germany. Read more

MAUSA Vauban in Neuf-Brisach, France

While we were visiting our pal, Bev, in Freiburg, Germany, I really wanted to head over to the French village of Neuf-Brisach to check out MAUSA Vauban. Read more

Colmar, France

Let's go to France! We recently had the opportunity to visit the Alsatian city of Colmar, in southeastern France, while we were visiting friends in the Black Forest region of Germany. Read more

Hidden History: Maisy Battery in Normandy, France

During our visit to the World War II sites of Normandy in France with our family this summer, we were staying in the great fishing village of Grandcamp-Maisy. While we did take in plenty of typical sites and sights while we were there, we also stumbled across something called the Maisy Battery. I'm not an historian, so don't quote me on most of this. Read more

Day Trip: Mont Saint-Michel, France

Time for a day trip! During our Normandy adventure in France with my parents, we spent our time relaxing and taking little day trips and adventures here and there. One of the main things to see in this region is the impressive Mont Saint-Michel. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a landing pad for thousands of tourists and pilgrims every year, it is most easily recognizable as a church that sits...

In Pictures: Bayeux, France

During our stay in Normandy, we spent some time in the city of Bayeux before our D-Day tour with Normandy Panorama. We had a few hours to walk around and see some things before the van disembarked midday. This certainly doesn't capture Bayeux in all its glory, but we did get some pictures and managed to see some sights while we were on foot patrol in the drizzle and temperatures that I would...

D-Day: A Tour in Normandy, France

During our week-long getaway in Normandy, France, the main thing on our to-do list was to see some of the historic sites from D-Day. While I had seen them back in the 90s, no one else in the family had, and it was something my dad really wanted to see. While we found ourselves smack-dab in the middle of all the sites after renting a house in the town of Grandcamp-Maisy, my folks thought it was...

Normandy Getaway: Grandcamp-Maisy, France

I know we just headed off to Oviedo, Spain, for the next couple months, but we had a getaway from our summer retreat anyway. Why? Because. That's why! Actually, my parents were heading over for a visit, and my dad has always wanted to see Normandy. So we thought, Hey, let's all go up there for a week. And then, well, we did. Read more

Staufen im Breisgau, Germany

If you have read this blog for any decent amount of time, you'll notice that we go to Staufen im Breisgau, Germany, at least once a year. We have good family friends there, and we love the area, so we try to swing through as often as we can...when it's not winter, anyway. Read more

Plaza Culinaria in Freiburg, Germany

Do you like food? Do you like drink? Do you like Germany? Well then, we've got the goodness for ya! Near the end of the year, we left sunny Seville and headed up to the rainy cold of southwestern Germany to hook up with our friends there and get real with some tasty treats. Read more