Fóia and Caldas de Monchique, Portugal

Goin', goin', back, back to Fóia, Fóia. (You should probably do that to music for it to make any sort of sense.) So yeah! My sister and brother-in-law, Heidi and Ben, came to visit, and we went to Portugal! Again! Because we love Portugal! Read more

Fóia and Monchique, Portugal

Hello from the top of the Algarve! Before you get into this post, you might want to check out our previous and more detailed one about the village of Monchique and the mountain of Fóia. You can read that post right here. Read more

Portugal Getaway: Fóia and Monchique

During our Portugal getaway this spring, we traveled all over the Algarve for a week to check out various villages, beaches, sights, and sounds. One of the places we went was not a beach area at all - what the Algarve is most famous for - but a village near the highest point in the region. We also hopped up to the top of a mountain there to have a look from above. Read more