Carvoeiro, Portugal

Portugal, Portugal, Portugal! Yeah, more from there. Because it's awesome. And because we go at least a couple times a year when we're staying in Seville. This round to one of my favorite beachside villages - Carvoeiro - happened with Heidi and Ben - my sister and brother-in-law - when they came to visit. Read more

Carvoeiro, Portugal

More from glorious Portugal! We've spent an inordinate amount of time there this year, which is totally fine by us. :) Lots of guests, friends who live there, lots of reasons to go. As if we actually need a reason to go (again). Southern Portugal is fantastic. The Algarve region is full of life and scenery and relaxation, and we always have a good time there. When my parents came to visit again...

Portugal Getaway: Alvor, Luz, and Carvoeiro

Good times in Portugal! In case you missed it, we escaped to Portugal earlier this spring in order to get away from the masses during Semana Santa. The holiday is all well and good, but once was enough for us. During our stay in the city of Lagos, we spent most of our time doing little day trips to various villages throughout the Algarve. While it wasn't beach-time weather, we still enjoyed the...

Portugal Escape 2019: Part 4

My favorite village in the Algarve is Carvoeiro. Despite its busy-ness (every village down here has its share of expats and tourists), I love it to death. The beach is hemmed in by cliffs on both sides and the town always has good eats and killer views on offer. Favorite thing to do here? Sit at a cafe and watch the beach, the water, and the world go by.